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Pic of Leadership and Loyalty™

1/2 Brian Garish. How Doing Good Is Powerful and Profitable

August 29, 2021

Leadership and Loyalty™


Leadership and Business for Social Change, is this some leftist crazy idea? Or can real change drive loyalty and as a by-product could result in a revenue jump of 50% year over year! . . . . . Our guest is Brian Garish. Brian is the President of Banfield Pet Hospitals. Banfield has over 1,000 hospitals and over 19K associates across North America. Since taking over as president of this multibillion-dollar organization in 2017, Banfield has achieved the lowest turnover in its history and has continued to average double-digit growth year after year for the past five years, increasing revenues by over 50% since 2015. So, clearly this guy knows how to very successfully lead an organization. However, in supporting pet health, Banfield is uniquely positioned to advance human health and is committed to elevating societal wellbeing. It’s this intersection of pets, people, and communities that drives Brian’s strategic decision-making. As a result, his company has enacted programs to tackle student debt, put resources behind mental health and suicide awareness, and supported victims of domestic violence. Banfield aims to be a beacon for how other companies ought to behave. More about Brian Garish and Banfield Pet Hospitals Website: Social Media Instagram: And LinkedIn Twitter: . . . . . Curious about how to tap into what drives meaning in your life and create meaningful transformation in the lives you touch. Take a look at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit