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Pic of Leadership and Loyalty™

1/2 Mark C. Crowley: The Science of Leading from The Heart

January 22, 2023

Leadership and Loyalty™


The Science of Leading From The Heart One of the biggest trends in leadership is doing everything we can to optimize the brain. As valuable as that is, the research is in; it's not the brain but the heart that drives optimal human performance.  How? Let's find out. Our guest for the next two episodes is Mark C. Crowley. Mark is the author of, Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century, and his mission is to fundamentally change how we lead people in workplaces around the globe.  Mark C. Crowley is a leadership pioneer; his work has consistently shown that rather than Leading From The Heart being weak or soft management, it is the most informed and enlightened thing a manager or organization can do. Mark is a regular columnist for Fast Company Magazine and has been published in USA Today, Reuters, Forbes, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Financial Times, the Huffington Post, Gallup, CEO Magazine, Great Britain, and many other outlets. His book, Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century, has been taught in ten American universities, including the educational Ph.D. program at the University of Massachusetts and at the University of Iowa's MBA Program. Mark’s Lead From The Heart podcast has an audience in 163 countries. Website: Social Media Part 1) The Science of Heart Intelligence Death of the Protector Everyone Needs Someone to Believe in Them Discovering The Science of Heart Intelligence What Amazon Doesn't Get About the Heart and Performance A Silent Experiment in Heart-Centered Leadership What Emotion Are Your People Marinating In?  Curious to discover how tapping into the Anatomy of Meaning can #actualize your #business, #culture, #Leadership and #tribe  "Those Who Control Meaning for The Tribe, Also Control The Movement of That Tribe" #videopodcast #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #emotionsourcecode #neuroscience #emotional #meaning #emotional #logic #culture #curiosity #humanbehavior #purpose Learn more about your ad choices. Visit