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Pic of Leadership and Loyalty™

1/2: Warwick Fairfax: Succession: The Crucible of Leadership

February 27, 2022

Leadership and Loyalty™


Are you a fan of the TV show, Succession? It’s a show about an aging and tyrannical patriarch who is a media mogul and heads an international media conglomerate that’s controlled by him and his family. As someone who has worked with multi-generational business families, I can tell you that the show may be a parody. But there are some painful realities, including what are often multiple attempts to take over, either from outside forces or from other family members. The question becomes, does being born into a family business mean you are going to be good at business? Moreover, does it mean you will automatically be a good leader? Furthermore, if you do get to have succession and then you discover you are a bad leader, can you come back from it? If so, how?  Our guest on the next two episode is Warwick Fairfax. Warwick lost his family's 150-year-old media dynasty, worth $2.25 billion. Yet, he has emerged to lead a more fulfilling and significant life helping others move beyond their failures and setbacks. Today, Warwick Fairfax is the founder of Crucible Leadership. He’s the host of the Beyond the Crucible podcast and the author of the bestselling book, Beyond the Crucible: Embrace Your Trials to Lead a Life of Significance.  Warwick is the phoenix who has risen from the flames of his own ego as a better human. Website Book: Social Media Part 1) Forged Under National Pressure The Corporate Consequences of Ignoring Your Soul  Lasting Leadership Lessons from 1841 Being Better Even When No One Will Hold You Accountable Living in a National Pressure Cooker The Questions You Don't Ask When Living in a Gilded Cage Being Given and Taking on Being the Savior . . Curious about how to tap into what drives meaning in your life and create meaningful transformation in the lives you touch? Take a look at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit