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Pic of The Dov Baron Show (previously known as Leadership and Loyalty)

1of2 Joel Primus: "Getting Naked" The Real Vulnerability of Entrepreneurship

June 13, 2021

The Dov Baron Show (previously known as Leadership and Loyalty)


Our guest on this episode is Joel Primus. In spite of the rhetoric about finding purpose and living a more balanced life, in many ways, we seem to be living in an increasingly success-driven culture. How much are you willing to get NAKED with yourself to come back from the brink and be even more successful and fulfilled? That's where we are going on our next two episodes with Joel Primus. Joel was the founder of NASDAQ-listed Naked Underwear which was sold to the Bendon Lingerie in 2018. He’s currently the CEO of Kosan, a travel clothing company, which launched one of the most successful Kickstarter apparel products of all time, reaching nearly $1 million in sales in 30 days! Joel is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the author of the new book, Getting Naked- The Bare Necessities of Entrepreneurship and Start-ups. More about Joel Primus: The Book Getting Naked: Movie: . . . . When you’re curious about how to tap into what drives meaning in your life and create meaningful transformation in the lives you touch. Take a look at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit