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391: Special Episode: Knowing vs. Doing (cont.)

April 30, 2021

The One You Feed


In this special episode, Eric discusses the obstacles that get in the way of us bridging the gap between what we know and what we do and how to overcome these obstacles so that our lives really transform. Be sure you’re signed up on our email list at so that you don’t miss out on some exciting things to come! Visit to learn more about the upcoming Spiritual Habits course! In This Episode, Eric Discusses The Obstacles that Get in Our Way and…The obstacle of thinking we need to make big changes Having a clear planTriggers are any stimulus that impacts behaviorTime-based triggersPreceding event triggersLocation-based triggersRandom triggers (ex. using an app for reminders to do an action)Emotional state triggers Having too much information makes it harder to apply our knowledgeChanging the ratio of learning new things to applying what we learnThe Spiritual Habits program teaches you how to practice and embody spiritual principles, or things that are important to you, in a way that will transform your life.Care/of helps you create a customized health plan for vitamins and supplements. These products are made from the best ingredients and conveniently shipped to you each month.  For 50% of your first order, visit and enter code: WOLF50 If you enjoyed this special episode, you might also enjoy: Knowing vs. Doing: Overcoming the Obstacles that Get in Our Way