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Anna Faris Is Unqualified


Actress, podcaster and New York Times Bestselling Author, Becca Tobin talks with Anna about her surreal experience on Glee, female friendships and mean girls, infidelity, narcissism, love and heartbreak, her podcast LadyGang and LadyGang’s second book, LADY SECRETS, the things no one tells you about being pregnant, and much more.

Our first caller is Alyssa who, after the recent loss of her mother, feels selfish talking about what she’s going through. Alyssa’s boyfriend wants her to let him in and share her grief, but she doesn’t know how to do this without feeling guilty.

Next to call in is Jordan, who for the past 12 years, has had a crush on a friend from college. They follow each other on social media and are the first to like each other’s posts but neither has reached out. Fearing rejection, does Jordan leave things as they are or does he finally make a move?

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