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Pic of Panic with Friends - Howard Lindzon

Best of Panic: Jason Hirschhorn of REDEF (Part 2) on the Future of New Media and the Explosion of the Creator Economy (EP.221)

September 29, 2022

Panic with Friends - Howard Lindzon


During my five weeks on the road, I’ve been doing reruns of some of my favorite Panic with Friends episodes. This one is the second of back-to-back episodes with my pal Jason Hirschorn from April of 2021. I have not met another person who is not just so passionate about all forms of media and the creator economy, but is eager and willing to share that knowledge with others.  Best of Panic: In part one, we covered Jason’s long history at MTV, Slingbox, News Corp and MySpace. So listen here if you want the full backstory on this media extraordinaire.  In this episode, Jason covers the future of new media and streaming and the explosion of the creator economy. Looking back, I believe that YouTube created the first explosion in the creator economy and today it is a bunch of new media platforms combined with decentralization and tokens that will create an even bigger explosion which Jason predicts will be a ‘more equitable’ version of the creator economy.  Guest - Jason Hirschhorn, CEO and Chief Curator at REDEF,  Twitter: @howardlindzon, @JasonHirschhorn, @MediaREDEF, @MusicREDEF, @PanicwFriends, @knutjensen  #fintech #invest #investment #venturecapital #stockmarket #finance  Show Notes: Introduction (00:41) Welcome Jason (02:19) Artists and NFTs (04:12) Gatekeepers with too much power (07:04) Building a trusted audience (09:38) Creator economy platforms (11:54) Sloth of Big Media (16:51) Technical debt/Brand debt (19:22) Bundling media (25:23) Streaming/Spotify (28:24) Advertising/Programming (31:34) Dealing with piracy (32:31) Movie Theaters (33:25) Cinema Paradisio (36:21) Wrapping up (43:47) Closing thoughts (47:18)