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Creating a Talent Marketplace with David Boehmer

March 16, 2023

Village Global Podcast


David Boehmer (@DavBoehmer) speaks to Olga Serhiyevich (@olgaserhi) about the talent intermediation industry, the evolution of business models in the sector, and creating a talent marketplace at Banff.


- Chance often has a significant impact on a person’s career but David says that a life’s impact is too important to be left to chance.

- David likes to think of a career as a river. You can be swept downstream by momentum and wake up 20-30 years later without realizing that there might have been a different river that could have been better suited to you.

- It’s important to manage your career proactively, the same way that you save for retirement before you need the money.

- You should give the people around you explicit permission to give you direct feedback.

- Sometimes his clients convince themselves that they want a job because they are in demand for it but they should instead think hard about what they really want and not just take a job because they are wanted.

- Some people say that if you put your head down and work hard you will get discovered by the right types of people. David says “throw that out.” Your LinkedIn profile, your reputation, and your network matter immensely.

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