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Pic of The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E189: Whoop Founder: How I Built A $3.6 BILLION Company & BEAT Apple! Will Ahmed

October 24, 2022

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


Will Ahmed is the founder of Whoop, the fitness monitoring app worn by LeBron James and Michael Phelps, and which goes toe to toe with Apple, Google and Amazon. Will is the classic example that business and entrepreneurial drive follow on from being obsessed with a problem.  After repeatedly getting injured in his college sports career, Will became obsessed with understanding his own body. He read over five hundred medical papers and realised the product he was pining for didn’t exist, so he invented it. Will has one of the most original perspectives on how to bring your personality to your business that we’ve ever seen. Employees at Whoop get a bonus if their sleep is good, and the company is ruthless in its priorities to make sure it’s only focused on a couple of things at a time. All of this means Whoop has some of the best wearable tech on the market, despite only a fraction of the resources of its competitors. Topics: Early years What was it that made you obsessed with optimising performance? Are you a curious person? Your business becoming your identity How to stay calm in the chaos Did you have doubt in the early days? Co-founders The most difficult time for you Like style hacks - your day to day routines Heart rate variability Blue light blocking Strain on the body Employee sleep bonus How do you keep your innovative nature when growing Focusing Competition The importance of the right investors We both hate networking Listening to feedback with a different perspective Being counterintuitive Were you wrong about anything with Whoop? Offers to buy whoop Whats next The last guest question Will: Whoop: Wait list for The Diary - add your name here: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow us on Telegram: Sponsors: Amex - Huel - Mercedes-Benz - Craftd -