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Pic of The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E193: Gabor Mate: The Childhood Lie That’s Ruining All Of Our Lives.

November 7, 2022

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


Gabor Mate is a multi-bestselling author and a world leading expert on trauma and how it effects us throughout our whole lives. A holocaust survivor and a first generation immigrant, Gabor’s knowledge and wisdom on the scars trauma leaves behind is deep and drawn from personal experience.

In a conversation that unlocks the answers to people’s most burning questions about trauma, mental health, ADHD, and the hidden hardwire of our brain, Gabor brings us one step closer to really knowing ourselves and our inner urges.

Gabor’s voice, both literally and in terms of what he has to say, is like a balm for anyone who’s mental health has ever caused them worries. Gabor has been through things few of us can ever imagine, and his insights are those few of us could ever have thought of before.


  • Early context
  • How does someone correct their traumatic events?
  • How did your traumatic event show shape you?
  • What did you focus on in your career?
  • What did working with patients towards the end of their life teach you?
  • The importance of following our passion
  • The Myth Of Normal
  • How would our approaches change if we took away the concept of normal?
  • How parents behaviour can impact a child
  • How do you define trauma?
  • Does everyone have trauma?
  • Why can two people with the same trauma turn out differently?
  • Being controlled by our trauma
  • Do we ever cut the putter master strings?
  • How does someone become more aware?
  • Additions and how we develop them
  • How do we find our sense of worth?
  • Why is authenticity so important
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • The 5 Rs to take control of your life
  • ADHD
  • Do you think society is getting more toxic?
  • What are you still struggling with?
  • The last guest’s question


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