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Pic of The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E194: The Man Wrongfully Convicted Of A Murder He Didn’t Commit: Raphael Rowe

November 10, 2022

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


Raphael Rowe is the host of Worlds Toughest Prisons on Netflix, the worldwide-hit show that takes us inside the toughest penitentiaries on the planet. It’s a world he knows well, wrongfully convicted of murder, he spent twelve years in maximum security prisons before he proved his innocence and was released.

In a conversation that goes into more depth about how he survived twelve years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit than he ever has before, Raphael bares all about the son he’s never spoken to, how he kept going against all the odds, what the experience taught him about life, and about himself.

But what’s striking about Raphael’s story is it’s often the simple things that get us through the difficult moments. A good relationship, exercise, self awareness. Raphael really illustrates how control over basic components of self and social awareness help people survive in even the toughest environments.


  • Early context
  • Getting kicked out of school
  • Getting kidnapped
  • Trying to fit into an environment
  • Having a child
  • Your relationship with your son now
  • The moment your life changed forever
  • Were you hopeful?
  • The moment you hear the verdict
  • This podcast this streamed in prison
  • Did you think you were going to spend your whole life in prison?
  • Seeing people taking their own lives
  • People being paid to make false statements
  • Story about a chaplain
  • The first domino that lead to your release
  • The moment you found out you were being released
  • Did they ever say you were innocent?
  • How much compensation did they give you?
  • Psychological scars
  • What have you learnt about the importance of hope
  • Your foundation
  • Have you forgiven anyone for what they did to you?
  • Would you erase those years?
  • Finding love
  • The last guest's question

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