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Pic of The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

E198: Louis Theroux: "The Thing That Makes Me Great At Work, Makes Me Bad At Life!"

November 24, 2022

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett


From his recent global TikTok fame to his BAFTA award-winning documentaries Louis Theroux has delighted audiences and grown a cult following with his distinctive brand of personality. Best know for his documentary series ‘Weird Weekends’, and ‘When Louis Met……’ Louis has explored the most controversial subjects with wide eyed curiosity and openness. In this conversation Louis discusses how his childhood and upbringing affected his career, channeling his anxiety and social awkwardness into his work of exploring the darker aspects of human psychology and behaviour. He also talks about how his work has evolved and grown, from his initial big break in America to his new series of celebrity interviews, and how he has had to balance this with his family life. Just like with his documentaries, in this episode Louis brings his trademark honesty and openness Topics: Early context Your early relationship with work Affection What is your dark-side Struggling to connect with people Feeling anxious doing new things Your new series Conforming vs being disruptive Feeling like an imposter Are you now aware of what people saw in you? How do you remain happy? How do you connect with all these people? You must be good at connecting with your partner….? Being insincere Neglecting your personal life for work Your experience with anxiety Your mental health The last guest's question Louis:  Instagram -  Twitter - Louis Theroux latest series 'Louis Theroux Interviews': the Diary:      Watch the episodes on Youtube:  Follow us on Telegram: Sponsors:  Mercedes-Benz -  Intel -  Craftd -  Huel -