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Episode 255: Verifying Consensus On-Chain with Succinct

November 23, 2022

Zero Knowledge


In this week’s episode, Anna and Tarun speak with Succinct Labs. Guests Uma Roy and John Guibas discuss their interest in ZK, their work with 0xparc and the goals of Succinct Labs - that is to provide proof of consensus through SNARK-based light clients. Acting similar to IBC, but in the Ethereum context, we discuss the challenge of building ZK-based light clients on Ethereum, their first implementation linking Gnosis Chain to Ethereum, and how they imagine interacting with the larger blockchain space.

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Today's episode is sponsored by Aztec. Aztec Network is building the first privacy-enabled zkRollup on Ethereum.

The team is proud to announce Noir, the world's first universal ZK language. Noir makes it safe and intuitive to write privacy-preserving ZK circuits.

Aztec is now hiring engineers and cryptographers to build the execution layer supporting Noir's private smart contracts.

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