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Pic of Entrepreneurs on Fire

From Corporate Salesman to Online Fitness Coach: One Man's Quest to Bankrupt the Industry that Scammed Him with Richard Fearn

April 20, 2023

Entrepreneurs on Fire


Richard (Richie) Fearn went from being a successful multinational salesman to an online fitness coach, determined to help entrepreneurs and salesmen avoid the fitness industry scams and achieve lifetime results.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. When you get people the massive results and confidence to know that they now know how to sustain and maintain their trajectory after working with you, they become walking billboards for your brands

2. It is vitally important that you’ve got something to give to the world and that you are in the best shape to go out and serve those people.

3. Most people want to be rewarded for everything they do. They wake up and they want people to serve them. And this goes in every facet of your life. The people who win, the people who are truly happy, are the ones who go out and live life as servants of others.

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