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How to Scale Your Blog to 1,000 Articles a Year all While Working Less with Spencer Haws

July 9, 2024

Entrepreneurs on Fire


Spencer Haws has been a full-time digital entrepreneur since 2011. He's the founder the Niche Pursuits blog and podcast and the WordPress plugin, Link Whisper.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. You can do more in one hour than try to multitask. You’re going to waste a lot of time switching tasks. If you focus your brain on one thing, you’ll accomplish more.

2. It’s important to have focus and the ability to remove yourself in the business if you want to scale. That’s critical to grow your business effectively.

3. People are still consuming written content. No matter what they're looking for in their life, whether it's business or raising a family or other areas of life, people are consuming written content.

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