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Walking The Dog with Emily Dean


This week on Walking The Dog, join Raymond and Emily for a seafront stroll in Brighton with the brilliant comedian Maisie Adam! Maisie grew up with dogs… although she doesn’t have one at the moment - but this walk might just convince her to get one! 

Maisie tells us about a very telling moment in her school nativity, what it was like growing up mucking about in Yorkshire, her love of open air and how she forged her brilliantly successful stand up career by writing jokes on till roll whilst working in FatFace. 

Maisie will be heading round the UK this autumn with her brand new tour ‘Appraisal’. For tickets, more information and to keep up with all things Maisie head to 

Part Two of our walk with Maisie will be available on Thursday!

Follow Emily: 

Instagram - @emilyrebeccadean

X - @divine_miss_em

Walking The Dog is produced by Faye Lawrence

Music: Rich Jarman 

Artwork: Alice Ludlam

Photography: Karla Gowlett 

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