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Miguel Fernandez On Raising $90 Million To Help You Accelerate Growth In Your Business

May 2, 2021



Miguel Fernandez’s fintech startup has already raised at least $90M in debt and equity to help more SaaS companies supersize their growth rates. His startup Capchase has raised $90M from top-tier investors like i80 | Group, Ben Orthlieb, ONEVC, and Amara Venture Partners.

In this episode, you will learn:

* The new normal of cofounding a company with people you never met
* Capchase’s vision of the future for SaaS businesses
* The importance of growing faster as a leader than your company
* Miguel’s top advice for hiring key team members

Alejandro Cremades · EP 329 Miguel Fernandez On Raising $90 Million To Help You Accelerate Growth In Your Business

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About Miguel Fernandez:
Miguel Fernandez Larrea currently works as Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capchase.
Connect with Miguel Fernandez:

* Crunchbase
* LinkedIn

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Alejandro: Hello everyone, and welcome to the DealMakers show. So, super excited about the guest that we have today, which is someone that grew up in Spain, just like myself, and also from Madrid, believe it or not, so super, super excited what he’s doing – incredible journey, building scaling financing, you name it, and we’re going to be learning quite a bit today. So without further ado, let’s welcome our guest today. Miguel Fernandez, welcome to the show.

Miguel Fernandez: Hey, Alejandro. Thank you so much for having me here. I’m super excited to be sharing our story with you and to be talking with a fellow Spaniard, also from Madrid.