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Notifications North Star - Troy Goode, Courier

June 22, 2022

Code Story


Notifications North Star, sponsored by Courier! Guest: Troy Goode is the Co-founder & CEO of Courier. He is a multi startup veteran, a Y Combinator veteran, and was a prior guest on the Code Story podcast, in Season 4. Questions: Tell me about the recent fundraise with Google Ventures. Considering the success of Courier, it seems like you are in a place where you can choose your investors. Why Google Ventures? Enhanced mobile functionality is a new focus - what is planned on the roadmap? Earlier we talked to Eric from Lattice, who mentioned notifications support 50% of their engagement. We spoke with Pat at Matrix who mentioned you being a significant piece of layer 2 infrastructure. And, we spoke to Vatasha, one of your Sr. Engineers, who spoke of how empowering the app was to use as a customer. Keep the movie playing forward - where do you see this going? How are you educating your customers on treating your notifications as a part of your user experience? Links Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: