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Pieter de Villiers On Raising $109 Million To Help Businesses Communicate With Their Customers

September 22, 2022



Pieter de Villiers operates and innovates at the intersection between communications and commerce. Where he has been creating a world in which we never have to suffer with being left on hold by a brand again. His venture, Clickatell, has raised funding from top-tier investors like Arrowroot Capital Management, Bossanova Investimentos, Endeavor Catalyst, and Harvest Partners.

In this episode, you will learn:

Pieter de Villiers top advice when launching a business
How chat commerce is changing the world, and brand experiences
How big Clickatell is today

Alejandro Cremades · EP 501 Pieter de Villiers On Raising $109M To Help Businesses Communicate With Their Customers

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