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Pic of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Rapid Response: "A crucible moment for Instacart," with founder & CEO Apoorva Mehta

April 29, 2021

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman


Five years of growth in five weeks. That's how Covid-19 lockdowns accelerated Instacart's business last spring. Now, a year later, the company faces another "crucible moment," says Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta. He's leaning into what he describes as a four-sided market – including software services for grocers and advertising for product vendors – to amplify the appeal of tech-enabled shopping, even as vaccinations proliferate and in-store buying revives. Instacart's focus, he says, will help it outpace a rising field of competitors, and create a distinctive advantage even against behemoth Amazon. Read a transcript of this interview at: Subscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter at