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Pic of Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Rapid Response: Surviving a close shave, with Harry's co-CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield

May 6, 2021

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman


Harry's took a one-two punch in 2020 – right on the chin. First, the federal government blocked a $1.37 billion acquisition of the shaving and consumer products company; then Covid-19 lockdowns hit. Rather than reeling from the abrupt change in plans, though, Harry's kept its balance. Co-founder and co-CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield explains how the team launched new brands amid the pandemic, tapped into unexpected pockets of demand, and, most recently, raised fresh capital at a valuation well above the blocked merger deal. Now, with a war chest at their disposal, Andy and co-founder and co-CEO Jeff Raider, are looking to acquire brands, having switched from seller to buyer. It is a classic entrepreneurial feat, finding strength and new opportunities out of disappointment and disruption. Read a transcript of this interview at: Subscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter at