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RHLSTP with Richard Herring


RHLSTP #113: Minky - Russell Kane. Rich is wondering if the world will survive long enough to ever hear this podcast, so decides it doesn't matter if he keeps it topical. His guest is the ageless comedian, author and playwright Russell Kane. Find out how UKIP manages to butter people up to not be nasty to them, how to turn criticism into a creative positive, how to meet your wife in the front row of an audience and who Stewart Lee is generally mistaken for. Is there a class prejudice directed towards this erudite and unstoppable force? What is his record like in TV quizzes? And did he ever work in the Transportation department of Where The Wild Things Are? Is it possible to stop a medium getting a read on you? And witness once again the amazing power of the kite question to cut to the heart of things.


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