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RHLSTP with Richard Herring


#349 timkey - Richard’s son is a chip off the old block, though Richard is upset that Lego has introduced things that are chips instead of blocks. His guest is University fraud Tim Key. The pair compare garments before Richard suggests a radical rebrand for the actor/comedian, teases out the story of how Tim got into the Cambridge Footlights, and how Tim’s poet character developed. Plus a fascinating discussion on what it is like to work alongside your childhood comedy hero (not Richard as it turns out), how Tim physically injured Richard and his inspirational gift to make up for it, who is the fastest over long distances and whether snow is frozen water. Buy timkey’s new book here or wherever you get your books. Buy Richard’s new book here Sponsor Richard for his half marathon here SUPPORT THE SHOW! Watch our TWITCH CHANNEL Become a badger and see extra content at our WEBSITE See details of the RHLSTP TOUR DATES Buy DVDs and Books from GO FASTER STRIPE  

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