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RHLSTP with Richard Herring


#355 Mind Your Language - Richard is excited by the upcoming film Wonka and has some other ideas for origin story films. His guest is the Sidesplitting Phil Wang. They discuss how straddling two cultures can give you a humorous perspective on both, but leave you feeling rejected by both, 1970s television and how harshly we should judge it, racist nursery rhymes, Richard’s Asian hair, John Lewis’s 150 year old gametes, what box Phil needs to tick on the ethnicity questionnaire, how to get away with pooing yourself at school and why comedians are often introverts. Phil’s book - Phil’s Netflix special - Richard’s “Would You Rather?” Book here Sponsor Richard for his half marathon here SUPPORT THE SHOW! Watch our TWITCH CHANNEL Become a badger and see extra content at our WEBSITE See details of the RHLSTP TOUR DATES Buy DVDs and Books from GO FASTER STRIPE  

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