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Code Story


Erik Fogg attended MIT, but failed his intro to computer science classes. It was at that point, that he punted over to mechanical engineering. So as you could guess, Erik is not the tech guy - but, he does know enough to be dangerous. He loves to work with his hands, and has a professional history in solving old problems in new ways. Speaking of working with his hands, he likes to create comic con gear (at the time of the recording he had a captain America shield made out of an old satellite in his office). He's also a huge comic book and sports card collector, and he actually mentors several startups involved in pricing & liquidity around collectibles. Outside of that, he hosts a podcast around the topic of politics, polarization, and tribalism. Early 2018, Erik's co-founder started working through the traditional problems of QA testing. After getting fed up with it, he decided that he just needed to build his own solution, and needed someone to help him turn it into a business. Erik joined the team, and has been changing the QA testing landscape ever since. This is the creation story of ProdPerfect. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: