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Code Story


Justin Mitchell started off wanting to be an actor, dreaming of going off to work for Disney or doing movies. He loved being on the stage, playing sports, and overall, being the center of attention. He loves video games, reading, and generally - he loves making things. He is married with 2 foster boys, and is expecting a new addition soon. And, a lot of the stuff he is building on the side centers around his family. For example, he's creating a solution to incentivize his kids to be human beings - put on deodorant, clean their room, etc - by rewarding them with redeemable tokens, allowing them to cash them in for toys, screen time, or other things. To top it off, the solution he is building is such that it's designed to be a kit - for parents and kids to build the system as a bonding exercise. As a Dad - I think this is absolutely brilliant. He noticed over the years of working remote that the accepted culture of getting stuff done was to have meetings all day. He and his team started thinking about how to increase the amount of communication that happened during the day, without increasing the number of meetings. This is the creation story of Yac. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: