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S5 Bonus: Luke Hoban, Pulumi

November 24, 2021

Code Story


Luke Hoban has been into tech and computers for many, many years. It started off when he was a kid, but sailed with him into college as he got into languages. He spent the first part of his career at Microsoft building tools, IDE's and programming languages. His take on the frame of mind required to build a language is centered around what you want it to do, combined with how it feels for the programmer to express what they want with it to do. Bottom line... it is an art, not a science, and is much more about product and user interaction design than anything. Post Microsoft, Luke went work for Amazon on the cloud, specifically EC2. The thing he had in the back of his head for many years was how to bring the programming model into the cloud space. He eventually left Amazon, and set out to combine his love of designing programming languages, with the movement and excitement of the cloud. This is the creation story of Pulumi. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: