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S5 Bonus: Sergei Egorov, AtomicJar

October 13, 2021

Code Story


Sergei Egorov grew up in a small city of only 100,000 citizens (which is huge compared to some cities). He grew up in Siberia, in the cold part of the country. His personal record for how cold it was during his time there was -53 Degrees Celsius. And a funny story, on that same day, he had to go to the post office to pay his internet bill.. so he could play video games at 16 years old. His favorite game at the time was Might and Magic, which was also 50% of Russia's favorite game as well. The cold weather was partially the reason he got into tech... cause he could do it at home indoors. Other than that, he was a regular kid, who liked to skateboard, and play guitar in his band. Through a chance discovery in Docker's eco-system, Sergei discovered an open source test container library, and realized that they approach he was taking to test containers was out there in the wild. He was invited to be a co-maintainer to the open source library, which would eventually become their current Company today. This is the creation story of AtomicJar. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: