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S7 Bonus: Max Koziolek, Spectrm

September 28, 2022

Code Story


Max Koziolek comes from a simple background. His single mother raised he and his twin brother, outside of Berlin, with no connection to technology. When he was introduced to tech, he was really only interested as far as the games he could play. He was into sports, martial arts, and even politics, believe it or not. He studied law, and realized that as the world was changing to be wrapped around tech, he came back to the industry. Now a days, he is back into martial arts, and he notices - and supports - the trend of tech and martial arts being correlated. In the past, Max noticed that he was getting a ton of good content from his friends on the chat apps he used. He paired up with his co-founder to explore fixing journalism, and distribute valuable content to users... through WhatsApp. This is the creation story of Spectrm. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: