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S8 Bonus: Vlad Matsiiako, Infisical

May 24, 2023

Code Story


Vlad Matsiiako was born in the Ukraine, but moved to the Netherlands to study his undergrad. He was one of the first data scientists at Bunq. He eventually got his Masters at Cornell, and actually worked at Figma, around the time of their acquisition - which he mentioned was super exciting. Outside of tech, he enjoys tennis and traveling, especially to Europe, meeting people and hearing their stories... and of course trying the food. His favorite place to go has been Portugal. Vlad and his co-founder were previously working on other startup projects. And one of the problems they encountered on a regular basis was secrets management. After talking to like minded industry folks, they figured out that this was a MUCH bigger problem, and needed to be solved. This is the creation story of Infisical. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out: