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Pic of The EntreLeadership Podcast

Setting Leadership Boundaries With Friends and Profits

September 18, 2023

The EntreLeadership Podcast


Today we’ll hear about: •       A business owner who hired his friends and how it affected their relationships •       Some of the key leadership lessons from the Freedom Convoy with Tamara Lich  •       How you can reward your employees without using money •       What to do with your tithe when your business is contributing a lot to your local church Links mentioned in this episode: •       The EntreLeadership Podcast •       Tamara Lich’s book: Hold The Line: My Story From The Heart Of The Freedom Convoy •       EntreLeadership Master Series •       Have a question for The EntreLeadership Podcast? Leave a voicemail at 844.944.1070 or submit your question for a chance to be on the show with Dave Ramsey: Start growing in business and leadership with the EntreLeadership Newsletter. Sign up to receive tactical tools, advice and resources in your inbox every week:   Support our sponsors: •       NetSuite •       BELAY •       Payority •       Trainual Learn more about EntreLeadership Events: •       EntreLeadership Summit •       EntreLeadership Master Series Learn more about EntreLeadership Coaching: •       Elite •       Advisory Groups •       Executive Coaching •       Workshops Listen to all the Ramsey Network podcasts anytime, anywhere in our Ramsey Network app: Learn more about your ad choices: Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy: