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The 7 Figure Book Funnel Book with Rob Kosberg: An EOFire Classic from 2021

June 22, 2024

Entrepreneurs on Fire


From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2021. Our interviews on Entrepreneurs On Fire are meant to be evergreen, and we do our best to confirm that all offers and URL's in these archive episodes are still relevant.

Rob Kosberg is a 2x Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and the founder of Best Seller Publishing. Rob helps experts to stop hunting for clients and instead become the hunted with their own best selling book. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Entrepreneur magazine as well as many others...

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. If you don’t have something to make yourself standout, then getting to 7 figures is going to be really difficult.

2. Being able to set yourself head and shoulders above your competition, and have something that is attracting your ideal client to you over and over again, is worth the hard work.

3. The biggest mistake is allowing doubt and fear to stop you from taking the necessary steps.

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