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The State and Future of EdTech with Mercedes Bent and Anne Dwane

April 29, 2021

Village Global's Venture Stories


Mercedes Bent (@mercebent), partner at Lightspeed, joins Erik and co-host Anne Dwane to discuss:

- What Mercedes and the EdTech space in general learned from General Assembly, a company ahead of its time.

- Her market map of EdTech and why she says it should perhaps be called LearnTech rather than EdTech.

- The future of community and social-driven learning, including why peer-to-peer learning is so effective.

- Her thoughts on corporations as credentializers and why she hasn’t been optimistic in the past about credentialling moving away from universities.

- Mercedes, Anne, and Erik’s requests for startups in the space, including a TikTok-like community for career development, a ubiquitous child care company, and a talent marketplace that builds its own supply.

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