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The State and Future of Space in 2021 with Delian Asparouhov and Chris Power

May 2, 2021

Village Global's Venture Stories


Delian Asparouhov (@zebulgar) of Varda and Founders Fund, and Chris Power (@2112Power), founder and CEO of Hadrian, join Erik on this episode to discuss:

- What they're working on and how they're bringing tech to industrial manufacturing.

- How Chris navigated the idea maze with Hadrian, a company with aims to build space and defense components 2X faster.

- The three types of space companies: satellite operators, launch operators, and supply chain companies.

- Where they would be investing in space today.

- Their requests for startups, including a "Dell for satellites."

- The challenges of low-frequency iteration cycles.

- The aim to create software that provides "an API for the supply chain."

- Why it's important to build full-stack solutions in low NPS industries.

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