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Transforming Corporate Finance and Working with Investors with Joe Garafalo and Trevor Oelschig

November 23, 2021

Village Global's Venture Stories


Joe Garafalo, co-founder of Mosaic, and Trevor Oelschig, managing director at General Catalyst, join Erik on this episode to discuss:

- How Mosaic is building the future of tooling for modern finance teams and how it started from the team’s time at Palantir.

- Why finance has to be the connective tissue for the organization, given that they have a vantage point on the whole company.

- Why a CFO needs to have a skillset in data science or computer science.

- How to work with your investors effectively and what companies should expect from their venture firm.

- Why to think of your relationship with investors as a marriage, the importance of transparency, and the concept of the “trust battery” that gets recharged or depleted as you work with someone.

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