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Pic of Strategy with Jason

Upgrade Your Merchandising Process | The Drive with Jason ft. Peter Duffy

April 23, 2024

Strategy with Jason


On this episode of "The Drive" Las Vegas, Jason Harris and Peter Duffy from Dealer Image Pro delve into the importance of developing a highly effective merchandising process. From the importance of time to market and software tools to training your staff, Jason and Peter discuss upgrading you dealership's merchandising process to enhance profitability and improve the effectiveness of your staff. Peter Duffy: For more info on Dealer Image Pro, visit: #automotive #NADA #automotiveindustry #automotivesoftware #dealership #dealerships #dealersolutions Digital Dealership Solutions: Strategy With Jason: Bell2Bell: Listen To The Strategy With Jason Podcast: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Soundcloud: Jason Harris Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: